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Benefits to builders, buyers and everyone else.

Builders who choose EnerQuality labels stand out with a high performance product. Homebuyers agree, 20% savings on energy costs is a wonderful bonus. And, the whole world benefits from a low carbon homes.


Better built Homes

The building science, best practices and innovative technologies that go into a  home bring more to the party than just energy savings. An EnerQuality labeled home is a better built, better performing home that offers a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Less Leaky, Less Creaky, Less Drafty.

EnerQuality homes are better at keeping the outside out – weather, moisture, allergens, pollutants have no place in the home and only do damage. Better building techniques create sound homes that are designed to hold their value. Consistent comfort and improved air quality are big bonuses of a better built home bringing both peace of mind and health benefits.

#1 in Better Built.

EnerQuality, the number one certifier of energy efficient homes in Canada, is a visionary collaboration of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) and The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA). Approximately 32% of new homes in Ontario are now built to EnerQuality label standards. In 2018, EnerQuality will proudly label it’s 100,000th energy efficient home. To the builders who have made it happen and the homeowners enjoying the results, we only say… it’s a great start!


Our team of energy efficient building champions are here to help. Please contact any of us for information or assistance in your energy efficient homebuilding planning process.

Our Better Built Team

Corey McBurney

Rose Benedetto
Managing Director

Shannon Bertuzzi
Vice President, Market Development

Jessika Diamond
Events and Marketing Manager

Bari Rapp
Program Coordinator

Christephanie Uy
Certification Manager

Kain Allicock
Program Coordinator

Golara Mehrpour
Program Coordinator


EnerQuality is fortunate to have the dependable support, expertise and guidance of an extraordinary and diverse board of visionaries in our industry.

Our Better Built Board

Alison Minato

Connie Carras
Chair, Audit & Risk Committee
CEC Enterprises, President and Chief Growth Architect

Richard Hoffman
Chair, Governance Committee Lawyer, Delzotto, Zorzi LLP

John Amardeil
Director President, BAM Builder and Advertiser Marketing

Larry Brydon
Director Vice President, Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, Cricket Energy

Andy Goyda
Director Market Development Manager, Owens Corning Canada

Paul Golini Jr.
Director Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Empire Communities

Ian Loughran
Director President, Energy Six Consultants, Inc. 

Sean Mason
Director Founder, Sean Mason Homes

Martin Luymes
Director Director, Program Relations, HRAI

Corey McBurney
Ex-officio Director President, EnerQuality