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    We’re #1 certifier of energy efficient homes in Canada.

    We design and deliver green building programs to the residential construction industry. We support these programs with practical training and recognize innovation through our annual EQ Awards. We also consult with leading organizations to create their own energy efficiency programs.

We’re All About Better Built Homes

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  We create voluntary, market-based programs that help the residential construction industry build better homes. A case in point is our flagship program—ENERGY STAR® for New Homes the most effective green building program in Canada.

EnerQuality has certified more than 60,000 ENERGY STAR® qualified homes since 2005. If you’re wondering what that means in real terms—like the thousands of dollars saved by those homeowners or the many tons of carbon fuel emissions those homes haven’t created—check out this post.

EQ Programs

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes

Created by EnerQuality in 2005 and managed by Natural Resources Canada, ENERGY STAR® sets the standard for energy efficiency in new home construction. ENERGY STAR® for New Homes demonstrates that a third-party certification program can deliver verified high-performance with minimal complexity.

LEED Canada for Homes

Created by the Unites States Green Building Council, EnerQuality certifies homes to this standard.

GreenHouse Certified Construction

Complementing the ENSH, this is EnerQuality’s most cutting-edge certification program for new homes. GreenHouse complements ENERGY STAR® by certifying other green building features (water, materials waste, and indoor environment) ENERGY STAR® builders incorporate in their homes.

Green Renovator Project

For more information on building a certified green renovator as part of the Green Renovator Project, please visit our consulting page.


Created by EnerQuality in 2013, LEVEL sets the standard for green building in new mid/high-rise residential buildings. Like GreenHouse, LEVEL certifies green building features (water and waste) in addition to its core energy efficiency requirements.


Created by Natural Resources Canada in 1982, Enerquality certifies homes based on the this standard for the ultra-efficient, near net-zero energy homes.

EnerGuide Rating System

Created by Natural Resources Canada in 2004, EnerQuality certifies homes based on their energy performance. Energuide is an energy rating system for houses that builders can use to determine what individual or bundle of energy efficiency features to incorporate into their homes.

EQ Training

EnerQuality provides training in residential green building for construction industry professionals and stakeholders. If you’re looking for general green building training or training specifically in any of our programs, including ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, please visit the training section of our website.

EQ Innovation Forum

EnerQuality hosts an annual Housing Innovation Forum focused on high-performance building, innovation and sustainability. The 2015 Forum in Toronto featured a full day of insightful seminars, networking and education, a showcase of ground-breaking products and services and the Innovation Gauntlet – an exciting, Dragon’s Den style competition for the most innovative product or service. Find out more here!

EQ Consulting

EnerQuality is Canada’s #1 ENERGY STAR® for New Homes certifier and the market leader in the design and delivery of residential green building programs. EnerQuality is uniquely qualified to engage the building industry in sustained market transformation. Organizations like Natural Resources Canada, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO), Owens Corning, George Brown College plus Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing call on us to help them bring voluntary building performance and demand-side management (DSM) programs to market.

To learn more about our approach and to see examples of successful programs we’ve designed, visit our consulting services page or contact us to get started today!

EQ Awards

The EQ Awards recognize innovation in green building and the residential construction industry. These annual awards celebrate innovators across the industry, from new home builders to Hall of Fame life-time achievers. Our most recent EQ Awards gala took place on February 25, 2016 at the EQ Housing Innovation Forum in Toronto. You can find out who was honoured and much more here!

EQ Roots

EnerQuality was founded in 1998 as a partnership between the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) and the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) and given the mandate to develop and support Ontario’s residential construction industry in their pursuit of high-performance building.

EnerQuality’s programs are designed by and for builders to fit the realities of the homebuilding business while highlighting important societal values, such as responsible energy/resource use and enhanced consumer protection. High-performance building means better built homes.

Better Built Homes

Quality and sustainability are inextricably linked. EnerQuality’s work to support housing innovation encourages the construction of better built homes that result in lower defects, lower energy bills and lower environmental impact.

Our mission is to foster innovation and continual improvement in the residential construction industry. Homeowners win. Homebuilders win. Canada wins. And not least, the planet wins.

Thank you for your interest in EnerQuality.
If you want to know more about us, please visit our blogteam/board page and career section.