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Need to Design and Deploy your own Green Program?
EnerQuality is here to help!

Regulatory compliance. Marketing differentiation. Transformation. Corporate Social Responsibility. While the reasons may differ, organizations sometimes find themselves in the position of wanting or needing to deliver their own, unique green building program. And when they do, groups like Natural Resources Canada, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO), Owens Corning, George Brown College plus Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing call on EQ for help.

As Canada’s #1 certifier of energy efficient homes and the design/delivery team behind successful residential green building programs, EQ is uniquely qualified to design and deploy your new or existing programs. Our Program Development team will discuss your needs and create a competitive results-driven solution customized to meet your specific objectives, market sector and regulatory environment.

The design and delivery of voluntary building performance and demand-side management (DSM) programs is a complex undertaking, which demands understanding of many subjects, including North American DSM best practices, current/future building codes & standards, program management, market intelligence, analytics, financial/financing expertise, end-user engagement, program evaluation, quality assurance, building science and energy-efficient technologies. The unrivalled experience and skills of EnerQuality’s program developers, DSM experts, marketers, and program managers will help accelerate your design process and best ensure your program’s success.

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Case Study: Green Renovator

Created in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority, Reliance Home Comfort, Owens Corning, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), BILD, OHBA and George Brown College, the Green Renovator Project provides training to help renovators incorporate best practices in energy efficiency and green building into their projects. Renovators received Green Renovator training and accreditation, making this program the most successful of its kind in Ontario.

Case Study: Optimum Home

Union Gas worked with EnerQuality to design the Optimum Home Program as a true market transformation program that examines all aspects of a builder’s business in an attempt to create fundamental change towards energy-efficient building practices using a whole-home approach.

The program is designed to move residential homebuilder’s energy efficiency practices approximately 20 per cent ahead of provincial building code standards. Participating builders are partnered with a leading industry consultant with an extensive background in energy efficiency and sustainable home building. Using a baseline construction analysis of their current construction practices, they develop recommendations to streamline their design and processes. Together, this customized engagement guides builders in building homes that are approximately 20 per cent more efficient than the current SB-12 in the 2012 OBC, setting the stage for lasting energy savings in the residential market.

For more information, please contact (sarahm@enerquality.ca)

Case Study: Savings by Design

Enbridge has a long history of supporting energy efficiency activities in the new housing market in Ontario. In 2012, Enbridge launched Savings by Design, a green building initiative created to help builders design and construct buildings and houses to a higher energy performance standard.  It also helps homebuyers save on their energy costs.

 Through the Savings by Design program, select builders in Enbridge’s territory are invited to participate in an Integrate Design Process (IDP).

With a goal of optimizing the design of their homes to achieve a minimum energy efficiency target of 25% better than the 2012 building code, participating builders receive a financial incentive per house up to the first 50 homes per builder.

EnerQuality has a long history working with Enbridge on the ENERGY STAR® program, the drain water heat recovery program, and other special energy efficiency initiatives.  EnerQuality is proud to handle the file management and quality assurance of Savings by Design.

Case Study: LEEP/TAP

Created in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, Ontario Power Authority, Enbridge Gas, Union Gas and local home building associations, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) and Technology Adoption Pilot (TAP) programs advanced energy efficient building techniques and knowledge amongst home builders. Through the construction of Discovery Homes, Ontario builders collaborated with each other in the review and selection of next-generation products, technology and construction methodologies – all aimed at delivering affordable and efficient homes.