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ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario now out

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has announced the release of the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH) Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario.

The ESNH Standard Version 12.8 and Version 17.0 Ontario includes the following key changes:

–          Addition of ENERGY STAR® Dryers to Electrical Savings Table

–          Updated fan efficiency requirements for furnaces

–          Revised Builder Option Packages (BOPs) for Ontario (i.e. Version 17.0 Ontario):

Effective Dates of Version 17.0 Ontario

Because the energy target and builder option packages for Ontario have been updated to reflect changes to the building code, Version 17.0 Ontario will be transitioned in over the next six months in order to allow the industry time to adjust their building plans. Once Version 17.0 Ontario is effective, builders will have two years to build out Version 12 enrollments, after which they will no longer be accepted.

The transition plan will be as follows:

February 21, 2017:           Publication of Version 17.0 Ontario. Enrollments accepted for Version 17.0 Ontario.

September 1, 2017:         Effective date for Version 17.0 Ontario for all new Ontario ESNH enrollments.  Version 12 enrollments will no longer be accepted.

August 31, 2019:               Deadline for building, evaluating and labelling all Version 12 enrollments in Ontario.  After this date, homes may not be labelled to Version 12.

To download the ESNH Standard Version 17.0:  ESNH Standard Ver 12.8 and Ver 17.0 Ontario_Effective Feb 21, 2017

For more information, please contact your Certified Energy Advisor or email Christephanie Uy.