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Did You Know? Current ENERGY STAR® is comparable to Code

Did you know that ENERGY STAR® Version 12 is comparable to the Ontario Building Code Package A6?

Did you know that if you enroll in ENERGY STAR®® Version 12 before August 31, 2017, you can reach the ENERGY STAR® standard with just a $150 upgrade?

Once you enroll,  you have until August 31, 2019 to complete the builds and label your homes.

ENERGY STAR® Version 17.0 was released earlier this year, and the energy target and builder option packages for Ontario were updated, but it won’t take effect until September 1st .

ENERGY STAR® provides the following benefits:

1.       Reduced call-back related costs

2.       Reduced defects & Tarion claims

3.       Increased customer comfort and satisfaction

4.       Improved quality control

For further information on this rare ENERGY STAR® enrollment opportunity, please contact:
Shannon Bertuzzi , VP of Market Development