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What is GreenHouseCertified Construction?

GreenHouse Certified Construction is a green building certification that goes a step beyond ENERGY STAR®® for New Homes. GreenHouse adds three more sustainability metrics—water, materials & waste and indoor air qualityto its core ENERGY STAR® requirement.

What are its benefits?

GreenHouse Certified Construction is an affordable and practical standard for high performance sustainable homes. A GreenHouse certified home is more energy and water efficient. By integrating recycled content and through optimized value engineering, it requires fewer raw materials to build and minimizes construction waste. Building a GreenHouse certified home is a great way for builders to distinguish themselves from the competition. At the business level, GreenHouse demonstrates a higher commitment to adopting sustainable building practices and willingness to put your product to the test through independent 3rd-party inspections.

SAVINGS – GreenHouse homes use substantially less energy and less water – expect to save approximately 20% on your monthly usage!

HEALTH  Advanced construction, better ventilation, green materials, and more insulation means GreenHouse homes are comfier, quieter and fresher.

GREEN – GreenHouse homes generate two to three tons less greenhouse gas emissions per year than homes built just to code. They reduce energy and water consumption—and the use of raw materials and waste during construction.

Who is it for?

Homeowners who want a better built home and are consciously looking to reduce their impact on the environment without compromising on comfort or quality. GreenHouse has been designed by the EnerQuality and the building industry to help builders build healthy sustainable homes that saves their customers money and offers an enhanced quality of life.

Want to learn more?

EnerQuality offers comprehensive (on and off-site) training, technical and marketing support for builders interested in building GreenHouse Certified homes in their communities. For training and program information, please contact us.


Designed to be both affordable and practical, GreenHouse Certified Construction addresses four core elements of green building.

  • Energy Resource

  • Water

  • Indoor Air

  • Efficiency Conservation

  • Quality Management


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What is GreenHouse?

GreenHouse Certified Construction is a 3rd-party certification program designed by EnerQuality that recognizes high-performance green building.

Are there any minimum requirements for a GreenHouse certified home?

A GreenHouse certified home must first meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and then meet the specified water, resource management and indoor air quality performance requirements.

What is the difference between LEED Canada for Homes and GreenHouse?

A GreenHouse certified home is first and foremost a home that is 20% more energy efficient than building code. It must also meet strict requirements in water conservation; material selection and use; waste management; and ventilation and filtration.

Why should I build a GreenHouse certified home?

GreenHouse is a practical and affordable certification for production builders who want to build an energy efficient sustainable home.

What types of homes can qualify for GreenHouse certification?

New low-rise homes or existing homes undergoing extensive renovations.