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Planning renovations in the near future? Retrofit your home to make it more energy efficient, and you could be eligible for up to $2,500 in rebates from Union Gas *

Call us today to find a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) in your area 


How can energy-smart upgrades help you save?

There are three simple ways that outfitting your home with energy savings upgrades can help you save:

  1. Save money now.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home and get up to $2500 of your renovation costs back

  1. Save money later

Increased energy efficiency will decrease your energy bill up to 20% every year

  1. Increase the value of your home

An energy-efficient home is more attractive to future buyers

* Note: The maximum $5,000 rebate includes up to $500 energy assessments. You pay the HST on the cost of the assessments.

Expanded Program delivery territory

  • The enhanced Home Reno Rebate program will be expanding to new territories within Ontario. Please refer to the attached map for new areas that Union will be servicing (white areas within Union’s program area boundary). Also table above lists the divisions.
  • Union is looking for one service organization to service the entire expanded territory and has already sent an RFI to gather interest/ responses on requirements. Union will evaluate the response from the RFI and finalize by program launch date.


    Yes.  Renovations and upgrades that make your home more energy efficient are:


    $500 For replacing 94% AFUE or less furnace with 95% or higher condensing natural gas furnace or replacing 89% AFUE or less boiler with a 90% AFUE or higher ENERGY STAR® condensing gas boiler.

    Wood Burning System

    $375 For purchase and installation of a wi-fi enabled thermostat with learning capabilities utilizing sensor technology.

    Water Heater 1

    $200 For replacing a wood-burning system or appliance with one of the following:* An indoor wood-burning appliance certified to either CAN/CSA-B415, I-M92 or the United States Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR Part 60 wood-burning appliance standard. Appliances exempt from EPA testing are not eligible unless they are B415, 1-M92 certified.

    * An indoor pellet-burning appliance (includes stoves, furnaces and boilers that burn wood, corn, grain or cherry pits)

    *An indoor masonry heater

    * For replacing a solid fuel-fired outdoor boiler with an outdoor wood-burning appliance to either CAN/CSA-B415.1 or EPA Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heater (OWHH Method 28) Program (Phase 1 and 2). The capacity of the new equipment must be equal to or smaller than the capacity of the boiler being replaced.

    Window/Door/Skylight 2

    $80 For each window, door or skylight replaced with an ENERGY STAR®-qualified model.

    Basement Insulation 3, 4, 5

    $1,000  For adding at least R23 to 100% of basement
     $500  For adding at least R12 to 100% of basement
     $800  For adding at least R23 to 100% of crawl space wall
     $400  For adding at least R10 to 100% of crawl space wall
     $450  For adding at least R24 to 100% of floor above crawl space

    Exterior Wall Insulation 3

    $1,500 Add at least R9 for 100% of building to achieve a minimum of R12.
    $1,000  Add at least R3.8 for 100% of building to achieve a minimum of R12.

    Attic Insulation 6

    $500 For increasing attic insulation to at least R50 from R12 or less.
    $250  For increasing attic insulation to at least R50 from R13 to R25.
    $500  For increasing cathedral/flat roof insulation by at least R14.

    Air Sealing

    $150 Achieve 10% or more above base target
    $100  Achieve base target

    Smart Thermostat

    $100 For purchase and installation of a wi-fi enabled thermostat with learning capabilities utilizing sensor technology.

    Other Rebate enhancements

    • Maximum rebate of $5,000 including up to $500 for both energy assessments (vs. $2,500 under current program). Customer pays the HST on the cost of the assessments similar to current program.
    • A bonus rebate of $250 per measure, calculated for 3+ measures
      • If a customer completed 3 measures, they will be eligible for $250 in bonus
      • If a customer completed 4 measures, they will be eligible for $500 bonus, and so on.

    **Smart thermostats will not be considered one of the eligible energy efficiency upgrades to qualify for the enhanced HRR offering, and will not contribute towards eligibility for the bonus rebate offer.

    (1) Maximum one water heater rebate per home.
    (2) $40 rebate per rough opening. Bay window considered one rough opening.(3) The rebate is prorated based on the percentage of wall area insulated and does not include walls between individual units. For a semi-detached, rebates are 75 percent of the amounts shown.
    (4) When both a basement and crawl space are present, all applicable grants are pro-rated to a maximum of $1,000 based on the total wall area.
    (5) Can qualify for either crawl space wall or floor above crawl space rebate.
    (6) 100% ceiling coverage required upon completion. When the roof consists of more than one type (i.e., attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof), rebates are pro-rated based on the ceiling area and roof type. The rebate for any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof cannot exceed $500.


    1. To qualify, you must:

    – Have a Union Gas account. 

    – Heat your home with a natural gas, oil or propane furnace/boiler or wood stove (electric customers are not eligible)

    – Be a Union Gas customer or reside in the Union Gas franchise area

    – Be a Kitchener Utility customer or reside in Kitchener

    – Be a Utilities Kingston customer or reside in Kingston

    – Be a Natural Resources Gas customer or resident in Natural Resources Gas franchise area

    – Reside in a predetermined subdivision of the following districts (Algoma District, Brant County, Bruce County, Cochrane District, Frontenac County, Hastings County, Kenora District, Manitoulin District, Muskoka District Municipality, Nipissing District, Parry Sound District, Rainy River District, Sudbury District, Sudbury Regional Municipality, Thunder Bay District, Timiskaming District – call 1-844-447-0077 to determine if you are in one of the determined subdivisions)

    – Own a detached, semi-detached home, row/ townhouse or mobile home

    And you must

    • Do an energy assessment both before and after your renovation
    • Complete at least two eligible renovations

    2. Enroll using the contact form below or call 1-844-447-0077

    Once approved, you will be contacted by a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) to set up an appointment. 

    3. Complete a pre-renovation energy audit with your Certified Energy Advisor (CEA).

    4. Review your audit and renovation options with your Certified Energy Advisor (CEA).

    5. Complete at least two of the eligible renovations with a contractor.

    6. Call your Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) to set up an appointment to complete your post-renovation audit.

    Your advisor will then collect and submit all the necessary paperwork to Union Gas. You will get your rebate cheque sent to you in approximately 90 business days of final documentation submission. 


    You’re in the right place! EnerQuality is a Certified Service Organization for Union Gas’ Home Reno Rebate Program. Complete and submit the contact form or call 1-844-447-0077 for more information.


    Thank you. One of our Certified Energy Advisors (CEA) will be in touch within 1 business day. 

Limited time offer available to Union Gas residential customers in Central and Southwestern Ontario. Must complete at least two upgrades. Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. Program expires Dec. 31, 2016. Rebates available on first come, first served basis. Rebate payment subject to availability of funds. Union Gas reserves the right to revise program without advance notice including rebate amounts and eligibility. Homeowner responsible for ensuring rebate eligibility, choosing eligible certified energy advisors, keeping invoices and meeting criteria and deadlines.

Terms and Conditions apply. For more information, please visit the Union Gas website


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