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What is a Net Zero home?

A Net Zero Energy (NZE) home is one that is designed, modeled and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. A Net Zero Ready (NZEr) home is built to the same standards, with no renewables installed.

What is the Net Zero Energy / Net Zero Ready Version 1 Labeling program?

The Net Zero Energy Labelling Program was developed by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) to provide a third-party certification for NZE and NZEr qualified homes.


A special thanks to CHBA and the Net Zero Housing Council for their commitment to innovation and leadership, meeting the housing aspirations of Canadians, and reaffirm leadership in high performance housing.

  • How does the Net Zero Labelling Pilot work?

    Participating builders in the program must take a CHBA-approved Net Zero Builder Training, which EnerQuality offers.  Click here to see EnerQuality’s upcoming schedule.

    NZE builders participating in the CHBA Net Zero Home program must work with a Net Zero-Qualified Certified Energy Advisor.

    Homes certified in the Net Zero program must meet these requirements to be certified by EnerQuality and receive the CHBA NZ/NZER-qualified Home designation.

    BASE: NRCan R-2000 v.12 Certification

    PLUS: EnerGuide for Houses – Net Annual Energy Use greater or equal to 0GJ (Using HOT2000 v 10.51)

    PLUS: NRCan R2000 NZE Pilot Requirements AND additional Requirements as Specified by the CHBA.

    OPTIONAL: ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH) v.12 – Performance Path Minimum Requirements

    There may be additional requirements from CHBA. For more information, visit the CHBA website.

  • What are the benefits for builders?

    Net Zero Energy Homes are the pinnacle of energy efficiency, and third-party verified to be ultra efficient.

    Some of the benefits Net Zero Energy Homes provide builders include:

    ENHANCE YOUR BRAND – Builders of NZE/NZEr-qualified homes are trailblazers in the home building industry, assuring homebuyers their homes are ultra-energy efficient.

    INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – The superior building envelope and HVAC systems built into a Net Zero Energy home ensures comfort and satisfaction.

    DO IT YOUR WAY – There’s more than one way to meet the building requirements of an NZE or NZEr-qualified home!

  • What are the benefits for consumers?

    Net Zero Energy homes are healthy, safe, comfortable and durable, and hedge against increasing energy costs. They make resource-efficient, sustainable housing accessible to everyday families.

    Some of the benefits Net Zero Energy Homes provide include:

    SAVING MONEY – NZE homes save money on energy costs year-round and help protect consumers from future energy price increases

    LIVING SUSTAINABLY –NZE homes lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, conserve resources, reduce pollution and minimize a household’s carbon footprint

    RESTING EASY – NZE homes provide greater comfort, durability and healthier indoor air quality


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