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What is the R-2000 Standard?

Introduced in 1982, R-2000 represents ultra energy efficient new home construction in Canada.  An initiative of Natural Resources Canada, the R-2000 is a voluntary standard that exceeds building code requirements for energy efficiency by 50%.

What are its benefits?

An R-2000 home is one of the most energy efficient home in Canada. And an R-2000 builder is a leader in the industry. Committed to providing their customers a leading-edge home, an R-2000 builder uses methods and technology superior to conventional construction.  Every R-2000 builder is trained in advanced design and construction techniques, and has a license to prove it. With growing concerns over greenhouse gasses and global warming, R-2000 raises the bar for environmentally responsible housing.

Who is it for?

Home building technology is continuously improving through research and development and the demonstration of this new knowledge on real homes. The R-2000 Standard is for advanced home builders who want to build some of the most energy efficient homes in Canada.

Want to learn more?

Please contact EnerQuality.

What makes R-2000 homes special?

R-2000 homes are the most energy efficient new homes on the market.

  • Healthy

    With a balanced whole house ventilation system, appropriate indoor moisture levels, and high-efficiency sealed-combustion heating systems,
    R-2000 homes have set the standard for healthier indoor air quality.

  • Comfortable

    Well insulated, tested for air tightness, and outfitted


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What is the R-2000?

Managed by Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and developed in partnership with Canada’s residential construction industry, R-2000 is the best-in-class energy efficiency standard that sets the bar for leading-edge, energy efficient new home construction.

What is the difference between R-2000 homes and ENERGY STAR®® qualified homes?

R-2000 certified new homes are 50% more energy efficient that building code, where as  ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are 20% more energy efficient that code-built homes

What are the benefits of building an R-2000 home?

R-2000 homes are the most energy efficient homes on the market. Only a handful of builders can meet that standard. It’s a mark of distinction.

What types of homes can qualify for R-2000 certification?

New low-rise homes.