A healthy measure of sound building science and smart technologies have gone into the design and construction of homes that qualify for GreenHouseTM Certification. Compared to a code built home, a GreenHouse Certified home will help its owners reduce their energy and water consumption. Thanks to quality engineered recycled materials, and careful waste management, a GreenHouse Certified home significantly reduces construction materials, construction waste and landfill created. All this adds up to an exceptional reduction in greenhouse gas production in the order of 2-3 tonnes per house, per year, for every year you live in the house. Inside, thanks to controlled mechanical ventilation, filtration, humidity control and healthier choices for paints, carpets etc – the air inside a GreenHouse Certified home is fresher and healthier. A breath of fresh air for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

Better Built. Better Builder.

By design, an energy efficient, conservation oriented home is a better built home. The guidelines for building a GreenHouse Certified home enables the builder to choose from a comprehensive menu of green building measures aimed at creating a home that is years ahead of the Ontario Building Code built home in many ways.

Materials and techniques are important aspects of home building, but ultimately the key to finding a better built home is to find a better homebuilder. GreenHouse certified builders have made the ultimate commitment through training, design and practice to create homes that are held to higher standard. You can find those builders simply by looking for the GreenHouse mark of certification.