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October 24 is ENERGY STAR® Day

News October 24 is ENERGY STAR® Day

Happy ESC Day 2On October 24, Natural Resources Canada is holding the annual ENERGY STAR® Day, celebrating the strides Canadians have made in saving energy.

NRCan is inviting all participants and users – including ENERGY STAR® builders – to join the party, in social media and in real life.

In 2016, the ENERGY STAR® Canada Twitter party reached more than 30,000 users. At least 100 Canadian individuals and organizations – including EnerQuality – shared stories, messages and tips on Twitter. EnerQuality shared greetings and photos of some of the original marketing materials for ENERGY STAR® for New Homes from 2005, as one of the organizations behind bringing ESNH to Canada.

Natural Resources Canada has a list of ways to get involved:

The top four things to do before October 24th

1.  Follow us on social media:


2.  Share the Save the Date image with your followers, clients, and friends. Add it to your newsletters, presentations, and so forth. {add link}

3.  Start prepping for ENERGY STAR® day:

·         Add the day to your social media calendar

·         Save a spot in your newsletter for ENERGY STAR®

·         Brainstorm content and images for social media

·         Order the new ENERGY STAR® certified homes brochure online

·         Consider having events (e.g. model home parties, engagement opportunities with homebuyers)

4.  Stay tuned for more from us!


For more information, visit the ENERGY STAR® Day Canada website.