EnerQuality is the market leader in residential green building programs, and here’s the latest! Net Zero TAP (Technology Adoption Program) focuses on builders adopting one, two or three net zero technologies in at least one discovery home to [...]

House Declares Climate Emergency

OTTAWA – The House of Commons has passed a motion declaring a national climate emergency, and supporting Canada’s commitment to meet the Paris Agreement emissions targets. Conservative MPs voted against the motion, but it still passed 186-63 [...]

Green Building Festival coming

How do we simultaneously design for the extremes of a changed climate and build in a way to reverse those changes? At the 2019 Green Building Festival, a range of expert designers and builders will look at both simple and complex strategies, [...]

Energy Efficiency Employs 436,000 Canadians

Canada’s energy efficiency sector accounted for more than twice as many jobs as oil and gas in 2018, with 436,000 permanent positions, and is on track to create about three times as many new positions as fossils are at risk of losing in 2019, [...]