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OHBA Job Ready Program Streamlines Recruiting and Onboarding for UBILD

News OHBA Job Ready Program Streamlines Recruiting and Onboarding for UBILD
UBILD Job Ready Employer

Managed by EnerQuality, the OHBA Job Ready Program recruits, pre-screens, and qualifies prospective workers and provides the necessary training and skills development required by the Ministry of Labour.

Interested employers can hire these job-ready workers for a six-month, full-time paid placement, typically into non-unionized entry-level positions.

There is no cost to participate in the program. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to all participants and employers could receive up to a $3,000 incentive (per hire) with the ability to convert participants to full-time employees at the end of their placement.

We caught up with Emma Barber from UBILD to learn how their Job Ready Hires helped them grow.

UBILD is an app that simplifies labour sourcing, project tendering, and vendor management in the construction industry. Their marketplace makes it easy for builders to connect with vetted potential crew members in real-time based on proximity, availability, and qualifications. UBILD takes care of the interviewing and scheduling so builders can focus on their projects.

What were your employees responsible for?
Job Ready participants completed construction work on residential projects in demolition, site clean-ups, moving heavy materials, and assisting skilled trades.

How have your employees helped you grow as a business?
“All of our Job Ready employees have been a great addition to the UBILD team. They have helped to boost the general construction worker supply pool which has ultimately meant that we can source more projects. The general construction worker crew are critical to the construction operation and the projects would not continue without them.”

How did the program improve your recruiting and onboarding processes?
Barber notes that the program also allowed them to streamline their onboarding process, since their employees had already completed and uploaded their certificates for WHMIS and OHSA training prior to their start dates. 
“We would usually spend hours on Indeed screening and vetting potential candidates that are aligned with our culture. The OHBA Job Ready program has really changed the onboarding process for us, not only are the participants pre-vetted but are also looking to build long-lasting careers in construction, which is exactly our culture.”

What was the most impactful part of the program for you?
“We were able to acquire a solid team of keen, motivated construction workers that are representing UBILD incredibly. Very happy!”

Looking to fill your entry level construction role quickly with a qualified candidate? Check out the OHBA Job Ready Program website to get started. 

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