Home Certification

Certified Performance

3rd party certification is proof that a building meets a high standard. EnerQuality offers a choice of Canada’s most trusted certification programs so builders can select what’s right for them and their customers. The programs are voluntary and our builders are industry leaders because better building is good business.

ENERGY STAR® Multifamily • ENERGY STAR® For New Homes • Net Zero
EnerGuide • R-2000


ENERGY STAR® certified buildings are built by a licensed builder and verified by a licensed professional (engineer or architect) to be 15% more energy efficient than than the building code. 90% of Canadians know and trust the ENERGY STAR® brand. Now their new condo or apartment can help them save energy and lower their carbon footprint.



Energy Advisors use the EnerGuide Rating System to rate a home’s energy efficiency. Builders use EnerGuide to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and communicate that improvement to home buyers.




Since 1982, the R-2000 standard has led the way in residential energy efficiency. R-2000 homes are built by a licensed builder and verified by an Energy Advisor to be 50% more energy efficient than the building code. R-2000 homes also include measures to conserve water, reduce waste and improve indoor air quality.