EnerQuality: ENERGY STAR & Net Zero New Homes Certification


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Certified Performance

3rd party certification is proof that a building meets a high standard. Builders can choose from Canada’s most trusted certification programs. They’re all voluntary because better building is good business.

ENERGY STAR® Multifamily • ENERGY STAR® For New Homes • Net Zero
EnerGuide • R-2000


ENERGY STAR® certified multifamily buildings are built by a licensed builder and verified by a licensed professional (engineer or architect) to be 15% more energy efficient than than the building code. 90% of Canadians know and trust the ENERGY STAR® brand. Now their new condo or apartment can help them save energy and lower their carbon footprint.



Energy Advisors use the EnerGuide Rating System to rate a home’s energy efficiency. Builders use EnerGuide to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and communicate that improvement to home buyers.




Since 1982, the R-2000 standard has led the way in residential energy efficiency. R-2000 homes are built by a licensed builder and verified by an Energy Advisor to be 50% more energy efficient than the building code. R-2000 homes also include measures to conserve water, reduce waste and improve indoor air quality.