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Turns out knowledge really is power. The power to change the way we build. And it starts with practical education in the science, standards, and systems of high-performance building. Our webinars and workshops are designed for industry professionals and led by experts. They’re also online and available everywhere.


Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars

Better Built Homes Online Series

EnerQuality’s courses include the Better Built Homes series with core courses Advanced Building Science, Net Zero Builder and Net Zero Renovator. In addition, we’ve scheduled essential courses for Energy Advisors and Licensed Professionals, introductory seminars for Building Officials and municipal leaders, and focused workshops on timely topics like Indoor Air Quality, Humidity, High Performance Homes Sales, HVAC Mechanicals, and more.

Better Built Buildings Online Workshops

Build to a higher level. ENERGY STAR® for Multifamily / High Rise is a new standard for high-performance Part 3 buildings. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops on how ES-MFHR compares with other standards and hear the latest on airtightness testing in Part 3 buildings.

Send us an email at training@enerquality.ca to be the first to hear of these new training opportunities.

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Students at EnerQuality workshops are eligible for continuing education credits with a number of professional organizations, including:

  • Ontario Association of Architects
  • Ontario Building Officials Association
  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors (CACEA)





And the winner is…..

Thank you to our presenters, our panel of “dragons” and to our audience, for participating and voting! We saw some innovative products that are helping to move our industry forward, and the winner who takes home bragging rights is Owens Corning Canada, presenting the Foamular NGX CODEBORD® Air Barrier System

Check out the list of our finalists HERE and connect with them directly for more information! We will also post more photos from the Innovation Gauntlet soon, and look forward to next year!



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Many of our students are eligible to receive Canada Ontario Job Grants to fund their training. For more information, visit the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities.