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Updates for Enrollment Management Tool (EMT)

Renovation project? EnerQuality now offers Net Zero Renovation Labels (Updated December 5, 2022)

EnerQuality is a one-stop-shop for your high-performance labelling with CHBA NetZero Renovation labelling now available through our Enrollment Management Tool (EMT).

For all new NetZero/NetZero Ready Renovation projects please select between “CHBA NZ Reno” or “CHBA NZR Reno” when enrolling on the EMT. Refer to the image below for clarification.

ESNH v17.1 Revision 2 MURB Enrollment Procedures (updated November 10, 2022)

ENERGY STAR® certification is available for all multi-family building types such as mid-rise and high-rise under the ES-MFHR program, but the enrollment procedure for low-rise MURBs under the ESNH v17.1 program require some attention during enrollment.

A Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) also known as a stacked townhouse, duplex, triplex, and so on are multi-family buildings with two or more dwellings. MURBs that fall under the Part 9 building code can be certified under the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program.

A townhome and MURB will both have shared vertical surfaces known as party walls. However, a MURB unit will also have shared horizontal surfaces due to units being stacked on top of each other. While a block of townhomes may appear the same on the exterior, it is important to differentiate them, especially when enrolling these units on EnerQuality’s Enrollment Management Tool (EMT).

Although townhomes are enrolled as attached building types, MURB units should be enrolled as MURB – single unit building types.

In addition, when enrolling MURB units in the EMT, please enter the number of units under the “Number of lots to add” field and select MURB – single unit in the “Building Type” field. This will create an enrollment for each unit in the MURB. Please avoid selecting the “MURB” option as the building type as this is specific to the ES-MFHR program.

Refer to the image below for more detail:

Questions? Check in with our Certification team.

For any questions on enrollments using EnerQuality’s Enrollment Management Tool (EMT), please contact Bari Rapp.