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Join us at noon before the Awards for a fast paced 45 minutes of networking – For the first time ONLINE!

Our networking theme is Reimagining Housing and it will inspire and engage our leaders – so that together, we can create the future of housing. Join us to meet new people and have conversations about the future you want to see, all the while having a memorable experience. You don’t want to miss it!

We’re asking one simple question – What future are we building? How will pandemic responses, technology adoption and climate risk impact where we live, how we live and how we build? And what does that mean for Intensification, Health and Aging, Technology, Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Home Building Innovation, Construction and Materials and more.  

We have a very thought provoking and interactive experience planned for you!

Live polling lets you create the future and see what your fellow Industry Leaders are thinking and planning!

Interactive discussions in smaller Zoom rooms allow you to make connections with fellow Industry Thought leaders, provide your input to key questions and be part of shaping the future of the Industry!

Be part of the conversation!  What future are we building?  What will it mean for:


  • With the rapid transition to work from home, will our towns and cities continue to intensify, or will technology, work from home and school from home grow the demand for larger and more remote dwelling?
  • Will these changes have a lasting impact and what will it mean for the home’s location, design, technology, energy, and infrastructure requirements?

Health and Aging

  • Will an increased focus on health translate into increased demand for healthy home features and healthy home certification?
  • With the increased focus on healthy aging and better long-term care, what does aging-in-place mean in the age of multi-generational living?


  • Will home technology find an effective balance between privacy and security with convenience and availability and a balance between personal with community needs?


  • As transportation changes vehicles from fuel to battery to driverless to “as a service”, how long will every home need a garage and what will we do with all the parking spaces?

Energy Efficiency

  • What more do we need to do to embrace achievable energy efficiency in Multi-Family?
  • Where do we go beyond EnergyStar in Single Family?

Industry Innovation

  • Will technology adoption and innovation improve the ways the new home industry works together and collaborates in designing, selling, and constructing new homes and improve the speed of delivery of new housing supply?
  • How can housing become a strong engine for recovery and for re-skilling and upskilling workers?  Will learning and training move to on-line permanently?
  • Will this be the time for the “missing middle” in housing?

Construction and Materials

  • What changes in building materials and modular and manufactured housing have been accelerated by the pandemic and how can they be scaled to make an impact?

And more…

Share your thoughts. Meet new Industry Leaders.

 An event and experience you need to be part of.  Network before the Awards. Don’t miss ou

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