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Why buy a better built home?

Whether for a new home or a renovation, building science enabled by the most up-to-date building techniques and products, can help you create the healthy, welcoming environment you want for your family. A better built home offers a more comfortable, healthier environment while also saving energy, money, resources and the environment. (And you get to call it home.)

The Importance of Performance.

We know we don’t have to tell you this, but energy is expensive. And most of the energy we consume is an environmental burden. A high performance home, in addition to creating a healthy, comfortable environment, delivers the added benefit of gulping less energy. (Saving lucky homeowners more money.) To get more of the lowdown on high performance building and renovating take a peek at what ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and CHBA Net Zero Labelling Program have to offer!

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Numerous utilities and provincial bodies in Ontario have programs for making your homes energy efficient, including rebates, coupons and free upgrades for low-income customers.