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Beating the building code for energy efficiency and other building performance measures by up to 50% doesn’t just happen. Creating the science, techniques and products that contribute to high performance building takes the collaboration of the whole industry. Interested in joining the EnerQuality community?


Through seminars and workshops, our industry-best training programs help ensure you’re in touch with the latest label-worthy building practices, techniques and products.

The Importance of Performance.

We know we don’t have to tell you this, but energy is expensive. And most of the energy we consume is an environmental burden. A high performance home, in addition to creating a healthy, comfortable environment, delivers the added benefit of gulping less energy. (Saving lucky homeowners more money.) To get more of the lowdown on high performance building and renovating take a peek at what ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and Net Zero Homes have to offer!

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ENERGY STAR® is the mark of high-efficiency products, and the familiar symbol makes it easy to identify the best energy performers. More than 70 types of products – including appliances, windows & doors, cooling and ventilation equipment and electronics and, of course, ENERGY STAR® homes – wear this certification in Canada. Typically, an ENERGY STAR® certified product is 15-30% more efficient than others in its class, for energy performance.

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