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Acorn Developments

For the fourth year in a row, Acorn has certified 100% of their new homes ENERGY STAR®, and built all homes in one community solar-panel ready as well. They offer additional environmentally-conscious sustainability upgrades for homebuyers, including to either Green Plus and Net Zero Ready, and participate in the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation program with a donation made per closed home to benefit environmental restoration and protection.

The Minto Group

Minto has a long-term commitment to third party certification, including EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR® and/or LEED, and hopes to launch a new landmark community with Net Zero Ready as the standard (after building five homes under the original Net Zero pilot). Having labeled more than 10,000 units LEED or ENERGY STAR® in multiple communities, including making ENERGY STAR® their standard in their Toronto builds (for 20% of their total production), they survey their homeowners a year later to learn more about the success of their community and home design with an eye to improving for the future.

Reid’s Heritage Homes

More than 75% of Reid’s homes are built to the ENERGY STAR® standard. One of the first builders in the pilot Net Zero program and the first to label a Net Zero home in Canada, Reid’s is a member of the CHBA Net Zero council, a member of the management committee and serves as Vice Chair. They are dedicated to developing optimal innovative systems that will work in the ultra-efficient Net Zero homes, and making those homes available to the mass market.

RND Construction

RND is an active participant in ENERGY STAR®, R-2000 and Net Zero, and at least 75% of their homes are certified Net Zero Ready, with the remaining being ENERGY STAR®. Even their self-built offices and design studio are approaching Net Zero-levels of performance. Their homes regularly exceed certification standards in terms of insulation and HVAC requirements, basement sealing, designing all roof trusses for additional solar panel loads, and use of low-flow water fixtures.

Sifton Properties

Sifton builds ENERGY STAR® as their standard, with more than 90% of their homes labeled to that standard and the rest higher, to Net Zero. They have recently completed the first Net Zero-labeled townhouse units in Canada in Phase 1 of their newest community, designed to exceed Net Zero targets. With just-announced $3.9 million funding through Natural Resources Canada, Sifton is being Canada’s first mixed-use, multi-unit residential high-rise building to target net zero.