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CHBA Net Zero Energy Advisor Training

Education CHBA Net Zero Energy Advisor Training

AND September 23 2021 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm EST


In this course energy advisors learn the latest developments on approaches to Net Zero/Ready homes with a focus on the best practices used in modelling these homes using HOT2000. Participants will enhance their knowledge of Net Zero/Ready design principles, emerging technologies, construction practices and learn the skills to help their builder clients implement these strategies and meet the requirements of the Net Zero Home Labelling Program.

Join us to learn the program modelling procedures and guidelines – which reflects the advancements in technology and innovations in the housing industry. By the end of this course, participants will:

▪ Understand the history of energy efficiency and Net Zero Energy housing in Canada
▪ Understand and explain the CHBA definition of Net Zero Energy
▪ Understand how to become a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisor and how to maintain this designation
▪ Understand requirements for project management, timelines, and integration of verification checklists/blower door tests into construction processes
▪ Learn how to navigate and administer the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program documents: The Technical Requirements, the Administrative Requirements and the Technical Procedures Guidebook
▪ Learn how to comply with the CHBA Net Zero Modelling Procedures including the Building Envelope evaluation, as well as the file submission requirements for the Project Registration Workbook
▪ Understand how to model high performance wall assembly types and complete onsite verification
▪ Understand how to lead in the integrated design process, collaborating with all project stakeholders involved in Net Zero and Net Zero Ready projects
▪ Learn how to input solar photovoltaic (PV) values into HOT2000 to get a home to Net Zero
▪ Identify the effects of glazing on thermal envelope, total building energy efficiency (especially the cooling loads), and occupant comfort
▪ Identify and model Net Zero HVAC systems

Course Content:

Successfully completing the CHBA Net Zero Energy Advisor Training is a requirement for Energy Advisors participating in the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program. Upon successfully completing the course (incl. the modelling exercise and exams), Energy Advisors who are registered to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) and ENERGY STAR® for New Homes will be eligible to register as a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisor.

In addition to new Energy Advisors seeking the CHBA qualification, this course is also the update training required for those Net Zero Energy Advisors already qualified in the program.


HOT2000 (v11.10) Software
Advanced Building Science (or equivalent, can complete after this workshop)
CHBA Net Zero Builder (can complete after this workshop)
ERS EA License
ENERGY STAR® for New Homes EA License


  • Tyler Hermanson

Cancellation Policy:

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