Part 3 Large Building Air Tightness

Education Part 3 Large Building Air Tightness

High performance air barriers and low infiltration rates are essential for ensuring healthy, comfortable, durable and efficient buildings and enclosure systems.

Take this intensive one-day workshop with Gord Cooke and Rob Johnston of Building Knowledge, a group that has done more large-building air tightness testing than anyone else in Ontario!

Air tightness testing of commercial and multi-residential buildings is becoming common practice required for low-carbon, near-zero energy building codes and volunteer efficiency building programs (ie, ENERGY STAR® Multifamily, LEED), and across Canada, many Provincial building codes will soon require air testing of large buildings prior to occupancy.

Large building air testing comes with many benefits, including significant reduction in heating and cooling loads, preservation of the building enclosure through limiting moisture transport through air leakage, and notable reduction in occupant comfort concerts (ie, fewer drafts and easier control of interior conditions).

Air tightness testing is how building designers determine how much air is escaping in and out of a building through unseen holes. Through testing, a building air leakage curve can be created to determine how a building reacts to several natural or mechanical pressure differentials. Induced pressures are generally caused by:

  • Wind
  • Stack effect
  • Ventilation fan systems
  • Heating and cooling fan systems
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Course Content:

  • Building Science and how it relates to large buildings
  • Current and proposed code requirements beyond residential construction
  • Types of tests, single zone, multi zone, suite testing
  • Testing standards
  • Challenges in building preparation for testing
  • Introduction to the techniques of multi fan blower door testing,

EnerQuality workshop completion certificates can be submitted for Continuing Education credits for the following organizations:

  • Ontario Association of Architects
  • Ontario Building Officials Association
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Association of Energy Engineers

Note: Many of our students have received Canada Ontario Job Grants to cover the majority of their training costs. If you are located in Ontario, training for a job in Ontario and not receiving other grants for this training, visit the COJG site for more information.

Who Should Attend:

Builders • Contractors • Site supervisors • Foremen • Site service • Architects and designers (BCIN designates) • Contracts/Purchasing • Building Officials • Drywall contractors and Air barrier trade contractors • All trade contractors who interact with the envelope of a large building


  • Gord Cooke

    President of Building Knowledge Canada and Air Solutions

    Gord Cooke is a Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the low and high-rise residential building industry. An educator, industry consultant and presenter, Gord has a unique talent for taking the building science issues that he sees in the field, and presenting them in an easily understood and practical real-world manner.

    He has particular expertise in applied building science, energy efficient housing initiatives, innovative HVAC systems, ventilation, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Gord has developed and delivered a multitude of workshops in these fields as well as a sales and marketing course for builders and real estate agents to help them best promote the features and benefits of high performance houses.

    Gord was an IAQ trainer with Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) and part of their International Building Technology Transfer Team. He is also a certified R-2000 and ENERGY STAR® Design Evaluator and trainer, a certified EEBA presenter for “Houses That Work” in the US and a past EEBA Board Member. He has contributed articles and columns to various publications including HPAC, Better Builder and Business Mechanical magazines.

  • Rob Johnston

    Director, Technical Field Services, Building Knowledge

    For more than a decade, Rob’s dedication, extensive knowledge and management background have been an invaluable part of growing a Builder Services team and division at Building Knowledge. Certified for ENERGY STAR®, R-2000 and LEED, he is a two-time winner of Evaluator of the Year through EnerQuality’s annual awards and has evaluated, modeled, tested or certified more than 3,000 ENERGY STAR® homes..

    Rob represented Building Knowledge as one of only six North American teams for repeatability and reproducibility for Large Building Air Testing in 2013, and has since 2013 sat on the Whole Building Airtightness Sub-Committee for ASHRAE. He was an invited attendee at The Energy Conservatory’s inaugural “Big Building Testing – Train the Trainer” event, and has gained a stellar reputation for the depth of his knowledge and experience in large building testing. He is a large part of why Building Knowledge has done more large building testing than any other group in Ontario!


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Cancellation Policy:

EnerQuality endeavours to be as flexible as possible with our cancellation policy. In the event you are unable to personally attend a workshop, you may, with prior notice, substitute another representative from your company. A refund (less $50 administration fee) will be issued for cancellations made up to 14 days in advance of the workshop. Contractual obligations and agreements with third parties may require for the policy to be amended or revised from time to time. EnerQuality reserves the right to reschedule, relocate, or cancel events. Should this be required, we will provide prior notice to all registrants.