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Register for the Canada Greener Homes Grant to access up to $5,600 for EnerGuide evaluations and energy efficiency retrofits. EnerQuality is an approved service organization for the energy audits.

Make your home more energy-efficient and reduce your home’s energy footprint.

Through the Government of Canada’s Canada Greener Homes Grant, homeowners may access up to $5,600 for EnerGuide evaluations and energy efficiency retrofits.

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(* Please refer to the program website for up-to-date details of the program requirements and eligibility. The simplified content above has been provided as an outline.)

How does the program work?


Register for the Greener Homes Grant


Select EnerQuality as your energy advisor


Schedule your energy audit once your grant application is approved.


Prioritize your energy efficiency projects using your energy audit results.


Complete a post-project energy audit.


Submit all project paperwork to NRCan for your reimbursement.

What happens after I select EnerQuality for the energy evaluation?

Selecting EnerQuality as the service organization responsible for coordinating your energy evaluation means that we will find a certified energy advisor operating in your area for the evaluation.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Once your Canada Greener Homes Grant application is approved, EnerQuality will receive a system notification that you have selected us as your service organization for the energy evaluation. [Please note that NRCan’s grant application approval timelines have been 4 – 6 weeks.]
  • We’ll call you (or email you) to find out the best date and time to schedule your pre-retrofit home energy evaluation.
  • We will connect you with an energy advisor to share any information in advance of the evaluation.
  • Some energy advisors might ask for the square footage of the home or some basic details about heating type or building style before their visit.
  • At the time of the visit, your energy advisor will spend about 1.5 – 2 hours inside and outside the home taking measurements, making notes of window and door attributes, and examining elements of the home’s construction. They might also use tools such as a thermal camera and along with a blower door test to get accurate information on your home’s areas of energy loss and opportunities for improved energy savings.
  • About two weeks after your energy evaluation, the energy advisor will send you a copy of your EnerGuide home energy evaluation. In the report, you’ll see the areas of greatest energy loss and the most opportunity for energy-savings retrofits. This report will help you make decisions about the types of eligible retrofits recommended for your home.
  • Information from the report will be added to your application profile.
  • After you complete your retrofit projects, you’ll need to schedule the follow-up (post-retrofit) energy assessment to fulfill the program requirements and submit the paperwork for reimbursement.

For more information on the Canada Greener Homes Grant, please refer to the Government of Canada’s Canada Greener Homes Grant website.

If you’ve already registered for the grant and have selected EnerQuality as your service organization, you can reach us by selecting ‘Greener Homes’ on our main phone line to reach our team.

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