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Enbridge Launches Affordable Housing Program

News Enbridge Launches Affordable Housing Program

Enbridge Gas Distribution has launched the Affordable Housing New Construction (AHNC) Program to encourage builders to adopt energy efficiency features when constructing new affordable housing in the Enbridge Gas service area.

The goal is to reduce the operating and energy costs associated with building or homeownership, ensuring affordability, sustainability and longevity of the affordable housing stock.

The AHNC Program provides financial incentives to encourage energy efficiency standards in housing projects. Targeting single family and multi-residential affordable housing builders and developers, the program is available to private, non-profit, and local housing corporations.

“Our incentives and program support extends from design to project completion,” explains Cam Black, Affordable Housing Program Manager. “As well as financial incentives, we provide workshops and energy efficiency modelling tools and access to an energy efficiency and sustainability consultant during the various phases of project design.”

The first step for builders and developers is to complete an application for eligibility. There are four phases to the New Construction Program, tailored specifically to multi-residential or single family home projects:


Plan Review. Participants provide design plans and specifications to Enbridge Gas for review and analysis. A report is generated for discussions during the Design Consultation Process.

Design Consultation Phase.  Teams identify design elements and technologies to maximize energy efficiency. Participants receive a Technical Assistance incentive up to $7,500 to help offset consultation fees.

Energy Efficiency Design Implementation.  Depending on the achieved energy performance of the building once constructed, applicants may receive financial incentives depending on the number of housing units, up to a maximum of $120,000.

Commissioning.   A building commissioning incentive of up to $15,000 is available to participants who meet the requirements for the Energy Efficiency Design Implementation incentive and who submit their final commissioning report to Enbridge Gas.


Plan Review.  Design plans and specifications are provided to Enbridge Gas for review and analysis.  A plan review summary report is prepared for discussions during the Design Consultation Process.

Design Consultation Phase.  Participants take part in building design team meetings to identify the optimal mix of energy efficient design elements. Enbridge Gas will cover meeting costs up to $5,000.

Energy Efficiency Design Implementation.  Incentives of $1,500 are available for each residential home (up to a maximum of $120,000 per project) that earns an ENERGY STAR® certification.

The Affordable Housing  New Construction Program is for affordable housing builders and developers  to  make  a difference today, and for tomorrow. To get started, contact Cam Black at cam.black@enbridge.com or 416-758-4748.