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Get an American Perspective on the Future of ENERGY STAR®

News Get an American Perspective on the Future of ENERGY STAR®
Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energ
Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energy

Has Energy Efficiency been Trumped?

Are Trump’s massive EPA cuts going to survive?

Is Energy Star finished? Where does our industry stand?

On April 19th, 2017, CEEA joins with Keynote luncheon speaker Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, to deliver an American perspective on these questions to a Canadian audience.

The Business Forum addressing the latest trends in the energy efficiency business here in Canada, luncheon and AGM are taking place in Toronto at the St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre.

Speakers and topics at the Business Forum include:

How the Toronto Green Standard will affect new construction post 2018

Presenters: Steve Kemp, Principal, Senior Energy + Sustainability Specialist, RDH Building Science and Lisa King, Senior Policy Planner, City of Toronto

The City of Toronto has completed the development of version 3.0 of the Toronto Green Standard. Scheduled to go before city council in 2017, version 3.0 maps out the energy targets for the next few update cycles. For most new construction starts the new standard moves to an absolute energy target that sets out a pathway of energy and GHG reduction targets to near net zero by 2030 in the City of Toronto. If approved the updated standard will affect new construction beyond 2018.

How climate change has affected policies with the Ontario Government

Presenter: Alex Wood, Executive Director, Climate Change Directorate, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

As the provincial governments move ahead with their carbon plans CEEA takes a look at how the climate policies of the Ontario government have changed with new emissions targets. Learn how to help your business prepare.

New RETScreen Expert Info Session and Demonstration

Presenter: Gregory J. Leng, Director, RETScreen International

The New RETScreen Expert – the next generation of the world’s leading clean energy management software system – allows for comprehensive energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis along with ongoing energy performance analysis. RETScreen empowers professionals and decision-makers to make the best clean energy decisions and offers new opportunities to our industry. Developed and disseminated by Natural Resources Canada, it is supported by an international network of partners including IESO. Do not miss the live software demonstration.

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