OHBA Climate Change Council Holding First Meeting, Webinar

News OHBA Climate Change Council Holding First Meeting, Webinar

OHBA’s Climate Change Council is holding its first general council meeting and Webinar Wednesday in the coming weeks.

The goal of the CCC is to inform industry stakeholders on cutting edge technologies/practices, products, programs, services and the applicable building code changes. The OHBA CCC will be an information sharing hub; hosting webinars, promoting training and events that will help builders adopt higher levels of energy efficiency and innovation to be successful as we all move towards Net Zero.

The first CCC meeting will be web-based meeting and open to all members April 6. Those interested in attending should contact OHBA’s Senior Technical Advisor, Shawn Good at sgood@ohba.ca.

The inaugural Webinar Wednesday presentation will take place on April 11, 2018 and discuss the benefits of an Integrated Design Process in adopting more energy efficient building practices.  Attendees will hear from experts and peers that have participated in the Savings By Design Program about their benefits and experiences in the program, as Enbridge is now rolling out SBD to eligible smaller builders/projects and municipalities this year.

For further information about the Climate Change Council and how you can participate, contact Shawn Good at sgood@ohba.ca.