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Celebrating Canada’s first ENERGY STAR® certified Multifamily Building

News Celebrating Canada’s first ENERGY STAR® certified Multifamily Building

Delmanor Aurora First in Canada to become an  ENERGY STAR®® certified Multifamily (New Construction) Building

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[Toronto, ON, January 18, 2022] — Delmanor’s Seniors community in Aurora has been recognized as the first ENERGY STAR® certified Multifamily High-Rise (New Construction) building in Ontario. The five-storey, 242-unit building, consisting of apartment-style independent and assisted living spaces was constructed by Deltera Inc., the construction manager on behalf of Delmanor (Communities), both subsidiaries of the Tridel Group of Companies. This achievement highlights Delmanor, Deltera and Tridel’s ongoing commitment to innovation and corporate responsibility.

“Building a sustainable future for Canada starts with taking action today.,” said the Honourable Kamal Khera, Minister of Seniors on behalf of the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources. “The Energy Star certification of this retirement building is a significant step towards creating high-performance homes that not only reduce emissions and save energy, but also contribute to a more climate-resilient future for all Canadians, and especially for our children and grandchildren.”

ENERGY STAR® certified Multifamily High-Rise (New Construction) (MFHR) buildings must be at least 15% more energy efficient than those built to the provincial energy code and meet other requirements. The program is designed to assist developers and builders in constructing more energy efficient buildings. This program supports private sector investment in high-performance buildings, producing emission reductions that contribute to the goals of the upcoming Canada Green Buildings Strategy.

Under a licence agreement with National Resources Canada, EnerQuality facilitated the certification submission, review and approval process. The building’s successful certification has been communicated to Delmanor and Deltera.

“We are incredibly honoured to become the first ENERGY STAR® certified MFHR building under the pilot program. We worked closely with EnerQuality to navigate the certification process,” says Adam Fineman, CEO of Delmanor. “We see this is an important initial step in not only reducing our carbon footprint, but in ensuring we are capable of providing the best possible service to our many residents as well.”

“EnerQuality is proud to support Tridel as they become the first building certified under the ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise (New Construction) Pilot Program. Certification in new multifamily high-rise buildings will enhance Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and support industry capacity to build toward net zero,” said Monica Curtis, President and CEO, EnerQuality.

“As a market leader in Toronto and the GTA, Deltera remains committed to advancing the industry through innovation and doing our part to meet the goals of the upcoming Canada Green Buildings Strategy. Thanks to our partnership with EnerQuality, the entire process was seamless from start to finish,” says Mario Cimicata, Senior Vice President, Construction Management at Deltera. “Delmanor Seniors Communities serves as an important example of what’s possible with the many advancements being made in technology, construction processes, and other areas of our industry.”

“We are extremely proud of Delmanor for achieving ENERGY STAR® Multifamily certification,” said Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas. “The commitment by Delmanor, Deltera and Tridel to energy efficiency closely aligns with our goals here at the Town of Aurora, particularly in building sustainable communities through the use of innovative technology. Delmanor is a great example of how our partners in the development community are critical to helping us reach our climate goals and protecting the environment.”

“It’s great to see how the Aurora community can work with its partners to build not only homes for seniors, but a greener future. The Delmanor’s Senior community in Aurora will be an example of how other communities across the country can align their development with Canada’s Green Building Strategy.” – Leah Taylor Roy, Member of Parliament for Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill

About Delmanor Seniors Communities – A Tridel Group of Companies

For 20+ years, Delmanor has offered independent and assisted living accommodation and care with retirement communities across the GTA. Delmanor has been dedicated to establishing an exceptional level of independent and assisted living accommodation and care, and recently opened their first MemoryPlus dementia friendly neighbourhood. Delmanor continues to provide seniors with first-class full-service rental accommodations, and currently has retirement communities in Richmond Hill, North York, Don Mills, Oakville, Etobicoke, and Aurora.

About Deltera Construction Management – A Tridel Group of Companies

Deltera is a fully integrated construction management company, specializing in the construction of mixed use, multi-phase high-rise residential (condominium & rental) developments, affordable ownership, seniors’ retirement communities, and commercial/retail. The company’s objective remains consistent: to provide exceptional value and service while helping clients achieve their goals. Deltera has an impeccable reputation for reliability, planning and project management, quality construction, sustainable design, value-engineering, industry-leading purchasing power and construction practices all of which are accompanied by on time and on budget delivery. The Deltera research team is committed to building more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings achieving LEED certification.

About Tridel Group of Companies

Tridel® is Canada’s leading developer and builder of condominium residences, with more than 85 years of homebuilding experience. To date, the Tridel Group of Companies is responsible for producing over 87,000 homes. Tridel is determined to develop socially and environmentally responsible condominium communities that meet the needs of today’s homeowners, while safeguarding the well-being of future generations. The company is working to meet this goal by focusing on innovation that promotes environmentally sustainable design, social inclusion and cohesion, as well as high performance in construction, and corporate stewardship.

Tridel is committed to building the highest quality condominiums possible, and has won virtually every award in the industry for design, corporate social responsibility, customer service, sales, marketing and construction excellence. Tridel looks forward to continuing the long, proud history of award-winning excellence with over 20 new condominium communities currently under development in the Greater Toronto Area.

About EnerQuality

EnerQuality is the leading certifier of energy-efficient housing in Canada, and a market leader in program delivery for the residential construction sector. Founded in 1998 by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, EnerQuality creates voluntary, market-based programs that help builders innovate. EnerQuality partners with government, manufacturers, utilities and industry professionals to bring energy and environmental programming to market.


In 2005, EnerQuality joined forces with Natural Resources Canada to bring ENERGY STAR® for New Homes to Canada. Today, EnerQuality leads certification for the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program and the ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-rise (New Construction) Pilot Program, the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) Net Zero, Net Zero Ready and Net Zero Renovator certifications, and supports the Canada Greener Homes EnerGuide ratings. Our education, training, technology demonstration and workforce development programs assist individuals and companies across the home building industry to build better homes.

About Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Natural Resources Canada develops policies and programs that enhance the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economy, improve the quality of life for all Canadians and conducts innovative science in facilities across Canada to generate ideas and transfer technologies. NRCan also represents Canada at the international level to meet the country’s global commitments related to the sustainable development of natural resources.

About ENERGY STAR® Canada

ENERGY STAR® Canada is a voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and more than 1,500 organizations working to use our natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency. Behind every ENERGY STAR® label is a product, home, building or industrial facility that is independently certified to use less energy and produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change. ENERGY STAR® Canada is administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

For more information about Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise (New Construction) Pilot Program, visit the following websites: