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Changing the construction industry, one well-rounded candidate at a time

News Changing the construction industry, one well-rounded candidate at a time
CHBA Job Ready Program

The OHBA Job Ready Program provides ongoing and comprehensive support for employees throughout the placement process in the construction industry. Far from simply matching and moving on, our participants have access to a range of professional development and wellness services during the entirety of the program. 

Over 3/4 of Job Ready roles are in general labour and the remainder are pre-trades roles such as painter’s assistant, tile installer assistant, landscaping crew, energy advisor assistant, or office jobs in sales centres. We identify applicants with the attitude and capacity to be reliable, productive employees-people who would have been overlooked in the old ways of hiring but are now the future of the industry.

Here’s our typical employee journey through the program:

  1. Apply and go through screening process
  2. Complete 20 hours of ministry-required construction training
  3. Begin six month placement
  4. Complete additional power skills training
  5. Receive wrap-around support during and after placement

The benefits of employee wrap-around support

Because we know that participants bring their own sets of transferable skills to the industry, it’s the wrap-around support services that help site supervisors and employers proactively address issues and bridge any information gaps.

Since approximately 80% of program participants are youth and often entering the workforce for the first time, we encourage them to connect with our career advisors to plan out their career in construction or program therapists if they need mental health support. When you treat participants like people first and employees second, they receive the support they need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives. 

“The individuals who are doing the calls with the participants have the skills to understand how to deal with the conversation that’s coming up” says Rahim Charania, Construction Program Coordinator and Pre Employment Trainer with Job Ready partner The Career Foundation.

And, though “Job Ready is a six month placement, our 1-1 coaching goes way past that.” Participants keep coming back because of the helpful support system.

Prepared for long term employment

This program helps participants prepare not just for their placement, but to be a well-rounded long term employee in the construction industry as well. And with such well-rounded candidates, the future of the industry looks bright.

Employers benefit from this emphasis on wrap-around support as well. Though OHBA Job Ready Program candidates are entry level, they’re prepared for success through their training and have an active support system. The program will help them navigate the workplace so employers can spend less time teaching from the ground up and more on cultivating their existing skills. 

Access a well-rounded candidate for your entry level construction roles today by applying to the next round of our OHBA Job Ready Program