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Huron Creek Developments sees potential in hardworking OHBA Job Ready Program

News Huron Creek Developments sees potential in hardworking OHBA Job Ready...
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Managed by EnerQuality, the OHBA Job Ready Program recruits, pre-screens, and qualifies prospective workers and provides the necessary training and skills development required by the Ministry of Labour.

Interested employers can hire these job-ready workers for a six-month, full-time paid placement, typically into non-unionized entry-level positions.

There is no cost to participate in the program. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to all participants and employers could receive up to a $3,000 incentive (per hire) with the ability to convert participants to full-time employees at the end of their placement.

We caught up with Rick Martins of Huron Creek Developments to learn how their Job Ready employee helped them grow.

With over 10,000 new homes built in the form of detached, attached and low-rise buildings, the principals at Huron Creek bring real building experience to the table. They deliver better building, innovation, and energy-efficiency.

What were your employees responsible for?
“The three employers all started on our sites in general labour. Anything from sweeping to cleaning up and on to the next level and teaching them how to install construction locks, how to edge and screw down floors properly, how to do an Enerstar audit on our homes.”

What value did the participants bring to your team?
“Punctuality and working hard. They had a level of understanding of health and safety-we just had to give them the applicable work on site.”

“They came with an open mind. The biggest difference from when we hire versus when they come from the OHBA Job Ready program is that they really want the opportunity. We actually increased two participants’ salaries after their three month reviews because they’re providing value, they’re learning, and they want to get better.” Like other employees at Huron Creek, Job Ready Program participants have the opportunity to rise through different levels of employment.

How did the program improve your recruiting and onboarding processes?
“The process streamlined a ton for us. The healthy and safety training is also extremely valuable because that’s usually time taken out of our other employee’s days.”

What was the most impactful part of the program for you?
“It tapped into a different market we didn’t have access to. More importantly, it’s allowing us to work on the day-to-day business and not have to spend time on recruiting.”

Looking to fill your entry level construction role quickly with a qualified candidate? Check out the OHBA Job Ready Program website to get started. 

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